ROI : Return On Investment

CUBEWISE : IBM TM1 / Planning Analytics Business Partner

IBM Planning Analytics powered by TM1 is a business performance management software . In 2020, Cubewise asked me to imagine a puzzle and there would be a prize for the winner. Let me share this story.

Should big / medium / small corporation have their own optimization team, have their optimization guys spread in (Line of Business) LOB, merged with data scientists or out in optimization firms?


Command line to call OPL CPLEX model in IBM Cloud Watson Machine Learning / Serverless optimization / Cloudbursting optimization

Optimization is simply doing more with less.

bar chart
bar chart
Languages bar chart generated from OPL CPLEX through a python call

Part 1 is now in 23 human languages, 23 like the number of chromosomes we humans all have and now it’s time to give more options with computer languages.

Last week I was in Montpellier (South of France) for the ROADEF conference. (French Operations Research Society). I attended many interesting talks and met also friendly customers and colleagues.

Montpellier in France

I gave a small presentation about Operations Research and puzzles where I tried to challenge the audience with some puzzle and some opinion.

IBM Ponder This Challenge is a monthly puzzle IBM Research started in May 1998. Puzzles are not only games but are also very useful for getting better at modeling business problems. They turn human sentences into nice equations and allow us to solve them. The current IBM puzzle master is Oded Margalit from IBM Research Israel in 2020 and I managed to get a selfie with him in Paris.

Two people wearing glasses on a street looking at a camera
Two people wearing glasses on a street looking at a camera
selfie with IBM Puzzle Master, he is the guy on the right

Optimization : simply do more with less, zoo, buses and kids

All companies and businesses need to make decisions. Good managers quickly make good decisions. Common sense states that with good data, simple problems lead to simple solutions.

Alex Fleischer

Optimization Expert at IBM Europe. His expertise is in computer science, mathematics, artificial intelligence and Optimization. Sup Aéro graduate 1996.

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